Local Beverages In North Bali


The beauty of Bali is inevitable. No wonder Bali is often said to be the paradise of the world and its island of Gods. The beauty of beaches, cultures, friendliness of the inhabitants, and the distinctive air make Bali unforgettable. In addition to the beauty of the beach and the hospitality of its inhabitants, Bali also has great potential as a place of culinary tourism. Bali has a variety of foods and drinks that also certainly memorable on your tongue. And if you spend your holiday in northern Bali, don’t forget to try the top 6 local beverages in North Bali. It will be perfect to accompany your culinary journey after you try top 8 dishes from northern Bali.

  1. Rujak Yeh Kuwud/Coconut

Rujak Yeh Kuwud is one of the types of Buleleng beverages. Kuwud means coconut. Rujak Yeh Kuwud comes from Suwug village, Sawan District, Buleleng regency. All parts of Rujak Yeh Kuwud (Coconut) are made from half old coconut water, which has a sweet taste, salty, galangal taste and fresh because that is a little bit soft. Rujak yeh kuwud can also be made from the remaining of young coconut water from making Lawar. So that all parts of the young coconut such as meat and water can be utilized optimally.  Rujak Yeh Kuwud can also neutralize the stomach and mouth after consuming fatty dishes made from pork like lawar. The uniqueness of Rujak Yeh Kuwud is because if this Rujak Yeh Kuwud using coconut water plus galangal, so this drink can warm the body.

  1. Ice Kopyor (Kopyor Ice)

Kopyor ice is a type of Balinese beverage that comes from Kubutambahan village. The main ingredients are young coconut, salt, cayenne, shrimp paste, and ice, then shaken and served with ice. The uniqueness of Ice Kopyor is served directly with the whole coconut and a sweet Kopyor ice flavor.

  1. Teh Kayu Shecang (Secang Wood Tea)

Secang Wood Tea is a traditional tea that comes from Bubunan Village, Buleleng regency. Secang wood obtained from the local area so it is used for housewives as a hot or cold beverage. The benefit of Secang wood tea beside as an anti-oxidant, it can also reduce body heat.

  1. Ice Rujak Biu Krutuk.

Ice Rujak Biu Krutuk is a beverage that has benefits as an appetite stimulator and can be given to sick people if experiencing nausea or impaired appetite. Biu means banana, and krutuk means cursing. So biu krutuk is a cursing banana or stone banana. Ice Rujak Biu Krutuk comes from Anturan Village, Buleleng regency. The ingredients that used are a young stone banana, given brown sugar, sprigs Jarak leaf, chili, and tamarind. The uniqueness of all ingredients is smoothed, except stalk of the Jarak leaf that only uses as garnish.

  1. Ice Tuak Manis (Sweet Tuak Ice)

Sweet Tuak Ice is a traditional local beverage that comes from Banyuseri Village, Buleleng regency. This drink is consumed every day, this drink is sold in the food stalls at Banyuseri village. The main ingredient is sweet tuak served with ice cubes and loloh sembung (Balinese traditional drinks) Ice flavor is sweet and slightly bitter, while the color of this drink is green.

  1. Tea of Avocado Leaf

Tea of Avocado Leaf comes from Gitgit Village, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency. This tea is made from avocado leaves boiled with a small fire and in a long time, resulting in a reddish color that resembles tea. The distinctiveness of this drink is the tea from the leaves of the avocado that gives a distinctive flavor and aroma.