Balinese Traditional Cake – Laklak Cake



Laklak is a traditional Balinese cake, made from rice flour, round and flat in shape with a diameter of 3-5 cm, and the thickness is around 4-5 mm. One side is hard and the other side is soft. In general, there are two colors of Laklak cake, its white and light green.

Laklak is usually served with grated coconut sprinkled on the surface of the snack, which is soft which is then doused with a slightly thick solution of brown sugar, then wrapped in banana leaves.

In some villages in Bali, Laklak can be served by adding coconut milk or Durian sugar (sugar that has been mixed with Durian). You can find this traditional cake in the traditional market with price is from IDR 2.000 to IDR 5.000.

How to Make Laklak Cake?


500 ml of hot coconut milk

1000 grams flour

200 ml of hot water

100 grams of grated coconut with salt

2 tablespoons of Suji leaf water

1 teaspoon of baking powder

1 teaspoon of salt

Red Sugar Sauce Ingredients:

250 ml of water

100 grams of brown sugar

100 grams of white sugar

1 Pandan leaf concludes

How to Make Laklak Cake:

  1. Place rice flour in a bowl then pour hot water little by a little while stirring the dough until well blended.
  2. Then pour the hot coconut milk while stirring the dough until it forms a slippery mixture.
  3. Next, add the water of the Suji leaf and also add the baking powder, then add it with salt, stirring constantly until everything is evenly mixed and the mixture does not stick.
  4. After that prepare the Laklak mold (the shape is like a small skillet made of soil) then heat it.
  5. Then pour the mixture of a ½ soup spoon and cover the mold to cook until evenly cooked, after being cooked, then lift it up
  6. How to make brown sugar sauce: Dissolve brown sugar and white sugar together with boiled water with Pandan leaves while stirring until boiling lift and strain, then boil until it turns thick and lift quickly.

How to serve Laklak cake?

Just sprinkle the top of the Laklak cake with steamed grated coconut and then flush it with brown sugar sauce. For more pleasure Laklak cake can be consumed together with Balinese Coffee!