Melukat – Ritual for cleaning and purifying our body, mind, and soul


Someone who often haunted by nightmares, feelings anxiety or even on a problem that is considered quite big, it is always recommended to do Melukat ritual. Melukat is usually done in the spring such as in the water fountain (Pancoran), on the beach (Segara), holy spring or river, and at the place of worship at home.

Melukat is part of the execution of Manusa Yadnya ceremony, which has the purpose to cleanse and purify the person inward and inner. Melukat comes from the word “lukat” in Kawi-Bali means cleaning and purifying. Implementing Melukat ritual is one of effort to cleanse and purify our body, mind, and soul in order to get closer to the God. In Bali there are several places for Melukat :

Pura Tirta Sudhamala located in Buleleng regency 

2. Pura Tirta Empul Tampaksiring located in Gianyar regency

3. Pancoran Tirta Sudamala on Bangli regency

4. Pura Campuhan Windhu Segara located in Sanur

5. Pura Luhur Tamba Waras located in Tabanan regency

6. Pura Taman Pecampuhan Sala located in Bangli regency

7. Beji Waringin Pitu located in Mengwi

8. Pura Dalem Pingit Sebatu located in Gianyar regency

9. Penglukatan Pancoran Solas

Thus the information of temples or holy places used as a place for Melukat in Bali, which is believed to be able to clean and purify a physically and spiritually, eliminating negative forces in the body, invoke the grace of salvation, to healing, and to clean our self from magical powers.