Don’t Go Out Of Your Way To “Shop Right”

Your traveling companions will have some “inside dope” on where to get the cheapest and best of Balinese shopping in Northern Bali – Shopping is one of delight activity to holiday. The things are not cheap if you don’t bargain if you shop in a traditional market. The shop owners will mark up the price ridiculously. And here are the tips when you to bargain the things you will buy:

  1. Start by bidding a third of the price offered to you and do not exceed more than half the original offer.
  2. If you already feel enough with the price you offer, and if they don’t agree to your price, just try to walk away. There’s always another shop that sells the same item. However, in general, the possibility is the merchant will call you and will immediately give the price according to the price you offer. If not, it means that the price of the goods is not cheap and you bid with the price too cheap.