Ulundanu Beratan Temple


Bedugul Bali is a hill area with a cool air with beautiful scenery from Beratan Lake which makes this area become one of the most renowned tourist areas in Bali.  Bedugul is located at an altitude of ± 1240 m above sea level and has a temperature of ± 18 ° c at night and ± 24 ° c during the day in Candikuning village, Baturiti sub-district, Tabanan regency. It’s about 54 km from Denpasar city and 20 kilometers from Singaraja – Buleleng.

One of interested tourist area around Bedugul is Beratan Lake. Beratan Lake is the second largest lake after Batur Lake on Bali Island. In addition to Lake Beratan, there are also twin lakes near Beratan Lake. Those are Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake.  Beratan Lake is a very important water source in the area of Bali as the main water source of irrigation in the central part of Bali. The area of Beratan Lake is approximately 375.6 hectares which have a depth approximately 22-48 m and the circumference about 12 km.

And for the most awesome and become one of the wonders, there is a Temple is located at the edge of Lake Beratan. Ulundanu Temple was built in the early 17th century, serves to worship God’s greatness to ask for the grace of fertility, prosperity, human welfare, and for the balance of the universe.  Ulundanu Bratan Temple is a Hindu holy temple which is renowned as floating temple in Bali because when the Beratan Lake’s water tiding, the temple will look like it floats on the water. It’s a very incredible thing to find in Bali!

One thing that should not be missed is to paddling around Ulundanu Beratan Temple with a magnificent sunrise view at Ulundanu Beratan Temple!

Pictures source : Google