Melanting Waterfall



The location of Melanting waterfall is in the Munduk Village, in Banjar district, Buleleng regency of Bali. In Munduk village there are two locations of waterfalls adjacent to each other, namely are Melanting Waterfall and Munduk Waterfall. But first, we will introduce you, Melanting Waterfall.

If you depart from Kuta Bali, the distance to be traveled about 77 kilometers, with journey time for 2.5 hours if the condition of the road is smooth without jamming. And if departs from Singaraja city, the distance to be traveled about 26 kilometers with travel time for 1 hour.

The attraction and the uniqueness of Melanting waterfall are from the location. The located from its location in the midst of clove plantations and coffee plantations. In addition, when you are going to the location by foot, will be heard the roar of the fall of water and the sound of birds chirping. The height of Melanting waterfall is about 20 meters. It is not as high as the Gitgit waterfall which has a height of about 48 meters. Here is the right place to bathe and soak.