Tibumana Waterfall With Its Spiritual Faith


Despite the wind over there, but the splash of water will look so beautiful. And the waterfall looks so dazzling. Droplets of water flowing profusely make the silence to be broken and rumbling. The Sunlight that enveloped puddles makes the atmosphere like a paradise of the world. This is Tibumana Waterfall, one of the waterfalls located in Apuan Village, Susut District, Bangli regency. The waterfall has beautiful scenery and a cool breeze atmosphere. This waterfall has uniqueness because there are two waterfalls that flow side by side. That’s why the local people also call it by twin waterfalls. If you see the flow of water, the waterfalls are similar, so worthy of this waterfall is called by twin waterfall. But sometimes one of the waterfalls stops flowing. Sometimes the other one is heavy, while the other is not so heavy. The waterfall discharge is erratic and will be swifter during the rainy season.

Around Tibumana waterfalls you can see many green trees that thrive and cling to the cliff walls. And behind the waterfall, there is also a cave. The local people believed that the cave behind the waterfall is a shortcut way to Pura Goa Raja Besakih. But that’s all confidence. No one dared to enter the cave. The situation is very dark and narrow, the color of the water looks dark blue, and it signifies that the hole under the waterfall is very deep. Therefore, you are not allowed to take a bath here. In addition, this place is also believed to be a place of a spiritual bathing. In order to respect the trust, visitors are now not allowed to take a bath again. These waterfalls have a height of about 20 meters, a clear water, as well as large rocks, as well as exotic green cliffs and all will spoil you with the magnificent atmosphere.