For Villa Owner

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Dear Villa owner,

We would like to give you an introduction to our company ‘Palm Living’. We are a young, dynamic company specialized in renting out and managing villas in Bali.


Focusing on our rental fields, our job is to take care of all things related to the bookings, starting from the initial booking request to confirmation, rental contracts, handling of payments as well as inventory management. This way, we will ensure that your villa is not just a well-run vacation home but also a lucrative investment.

We will assist you by giving you advice about rentals, contracts, local government permits and taxes.

As residents of Bali, we stay continually up to date with all of the latest trends and developments – everything from new restaurants and shops to the best dance clubs, secluded beaches, festivals, events and tourist activities. We are happy to pass this information on to you and your international guests in our endeavor to make their holiday truly enjoyable.


Professional villa management is the key element of the kind of service that we provide at Palm Living. Our dedicated team has many years of experience in the hospitality industry, together with an extensive knowledge of the villa rental market in Bali. We will take responsibility for every aspect of management, from the staffing, maintenance and service of your villa, to the administration, marketing, reservations and contracts. We are totally committed to achieving full customer satisfaction and we place great emphasis on responding quickly and helpfully to every guest request.

You can be assured that your villa will be maintained to the highest possible standards and that your guests will enjoy an exceptional holiday.

Day-To-Day Operation

Our main function as a villa management company is to oversee the smooth operation of your property. In addition to maintenance and staffing, day-to-day running includes front office services, housekeeping, security, accounting, the creation of menus, assistance with guest arrivals and departures.


Our service includes the provision, recruitment, training, guidance, and management of proficient and trustworthy villa staff, who will clean and service your villa around the clock.

If required, we will also handle the needs and training of your existing staff. We will ensure that all duties are performed to high standards, not forgetting the personal touches and fine details, which will be performed immediately prior to each guest arrival.


Our goal is to ensure that your villa is constantly maintained and served to the highest pristine standards, thereby maximizing its earning potential while also providing the uppermost level of comfort to your guests. We will make sure that all repairs are carried out swiftly and efficiently, and that all breakages are replaced on time. Our service includes the daily monitoring and maintenance of swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gardens, ponds, grounds and driveways, full supervision during repairs to the roofs, plumbing systems, electrical wiring, pumps and drains, etc.


Please contact us for more detail concerning our list of our professional villa management package services and rates.

We would like to thank you for your attention. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,

Palm Living Team