Adventures Activity in North Bali


If you like to find activities that will spur your adrenaline, come to North Bali and take a treasure here! Well, Northern Bali provides you with a lot of choices activity to spend your holiday. The beautiful beaches, unique cultures, the hospitality of the local community, peaceful atmosphere, far from hustle and bustle, and the incredible vibes of nature will give a memorable experience for you. Here is the adventures activity that you can do in Northern Bali:

  1. Krisna Adventure ” Singaraja “

Krisna Adventure is a family recreation place located in Sambangan Village, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency. Krisna Adventure is one of tourist destination that will spur your adrenaline. From the name, we already know what is available at Krisna Adventure. Many rides provided by the management for customer satisfaction, like ATV, Flying fox, Paintball, trekking, and then Aling-aling waterfall. More Relaxed rides for young kids or high octane tours for adrenaline junkies. Foods and drinks? No worries, its never forgotten! From 30 Minutes to 1,5 hour of action, you can try any kind of adventure activity which is recommended for those with a limited schedule. Here is a right place to you for getting knows how to ride an ATV, Playing Paintball, and Flying Fox, or have some fun around Sambangan Village where is famous for it’s 7 wonderful waterfalls and relax your mind and body and free from any exhaustion. Get some memorable experience by having adventure tours by the beauty of nature in the form of tropical birds, immense trees, rice fields, villages, and breathtaking waterfalls. One place with a lot of experiences waiting for you!

Adress : Jalan Raya Sambangan, Aling-Aling Waterfall Singaraja

Daily Open : 08.00 – 19.00

Web : 

2. Canyoning Activity

For an adventurer, a vacation becomes a challenge. Well, there is a new challenging option, Canyoning at Tukad Yeh Lampah, or at Tukad Yeh Anakan, or Tukad Sudamala, or Tukad Campuhan will guarantee you with a fantastic journey! Here, you will be invited to descend one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali by using a rope. This challenging experience will make adrenaline in the body flow faster. Those waterfalls are located in Gitgit Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng, Singaraja, Bali.

Canyoning has a higher level of climbing. Therefore, safety is a major concern. Travelers who want to try Canyoning should wear equipment such as helmets, carabiners, as well as special Canyoning shoes and straps.

Canyoning at Gitgit Waterfall more challenging compared wall climbing. This extreme activity also has a dangerous level that is higher than rock climbing or wall climbing. Moreover, when participating in this activity, you not only have to do vertical wall climbing. There is also another challenge that must be passed, namely the flow of water that descends from above. For that, a Canyoning participant in Gitgit Waterfall must have the ability in terms of wall climbing or rock climbing. Moreover, it needs special techniques to be done when jumping from one location to another. Especially it’s to keep the body to save from the slam of the swift stream by the water. The trick is to place one foot in a position to pierce the water. In addition, the hand is not able to in an extended position. You can practice all the elements in doing canyoning which includes sliding, jumping, raping (abseiling) activities, exploring canyons etc. the ability to swim will be useful but not necessary.

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3. Jump Cliff & Sliding at Aling-Aling Waterfall

Aling-Aling Waterfall located in the Sambangan village, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency. Sambangan Village is well-known for its 7 waterfalls. From one way trekking, you will explore 7 waterfalls and 1 Blue Lagoon. It will be the most wonderful journey ever for you who love to blend with nature. The Aling-Aling waterfall has a height approximately 35 meters above the ground and has its own uniqueness where from the top of the waterfall, it is divided into 2 side-by-side waterfalls. The waterfall on the right has a bigger discharge than the right one. The Aling-Aling waterfall is falling from a steep cliff surrounded by lush trees. While on vacation to North Bali, don’t forget to go to Aling-Aling Waterfall. This waterfall offers beautiful natural scenery of steep cliffs, lush trees, and clear water. Adventure activities that can be done here is a jump cliff (peak) from the top of the waterfall cliffs as high as 12 meters to the bottom of the river pond, then slide (glide) on the waterfall trajectory like a slide. As long as you do these exciting activities with the priority of self-safety by using tools, safety clothes and attention to the guidelines.

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4. Hiking and Trekking Activity

a. Munduk Trekking

Its refresh will continue to Munduk Village to enjoy and explore wonderful rice paddies and Munduk Waterfall with a cool and fresh atmosphere. It will be just another wonderful day at Paradise! Enter into a fun and enjoyable journey greeted by a calm and cool atmosphere at Munduk Village in the Northern part of Bali.

The village is located at an altitude of 800 mdpl, and the temperature ranges between 20-25 ° C, classified as cool. Feel the countryside away from the pollution, giving freshness after a day of activity. The place offers the spectacular nuances and natural treats. Tourism Object Munduk Village in Banjar Singaraja Buleleng Bali has beautiful scenery stretched out in front of the eyes, plantation residents consisting of coffee, cloves, and cacao gardens in the atmosphere of the valley and the background of the hills always looks green.

b. Mayong Trekking

Mayong is a village 20 km west of Lovina. This is a small village that lies between rice fields, tropical fruit trees are cool and natural because of its nature. Communities in Mayong village have a traditional way of life such as farming in paddy fields, farming, planting fruits, vegetables, and daily routine offerings and ceremonies. It will be a beautiful walk through the plantations and rice fields, seeing the different stages of the rice process. Mayong Village offers a Rice Fields and Natural Mountain Scenes. By selecting trekking in Mayong Village, it will feel recovered from all the noise and free from the pollution with a fresh air, plus views of terraced rice paddies and mountains.

c. Waterfall Trekking

It’s time to explore 7 waterfalls and 1 natural swimming pool in Sambangan Secret Garden. Begin trail trek Cemara Waterfall, Dedari Waterfall, Canging Waterfall. And then enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cengana Rice Field to enjoy beautiful and exotic landscape rice paddies. Cengana rice field is a very beautiful place to enjoy the view of rice fields with an area of 10 hectares and also the beach that became the background of this scene, here you can also see the urban situation in northern Bali (Singaraja) is still green. The trekking continues to Kroya Waterfall, Kembar Waterfall, and Pucuk Waterfall and Aling Aling Waterfall. Another great waterfall trekking is a trek to Sekumpul Waterfall. Enjoy trekking and hiking activity in 1000 stairs to find one of the spectacular panoramas with 7 waterfalls in Sekumpul.  The height of this waterfall is around 100 meter. Here are two fallen waterfalls and the source of a waterfall covered by green trees that cover the surface of the hill.

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5. Diving and Snorkeling

Not surprisingly, Bali offers some of the best diving in the world – shipwrecks, rich black sand bays and clear, current-swept reefs. Diving and Snorkeling is a ‘must do’ when you have a holiday in Bali. There is the underwater beauty that you have not seen before you can snorkel at many different locations close to the villa. Lovina Beach, Menjangan Island, and Bondalem Village is a good snorkel and diving spot in North Bali. Menjangan Island is a small island, located to the west of Bali Island. As the name implies, the island is inhabited by the deer (a type of wild deer). This island is part of the West Bali National Park area. The main attraction of this island is the beauty of underwater scenery; in addition, the island is uninhabited. Because of the beauty of the underwater scenery, then this island became one of the best places for diving on the island of Bali. The coral reefs around this island count as one of the world best Snorkeling locations. The spot to explore covers a wide area between the beach and the reef drop-off, about 150 to 200 yards apart. From the beach, you will cross a few dozen yards of sandy seabed and rock. There are interesting things to see in the coastal bench (batfish, giant clams and blue starfish living in the rocky crevices), the spectacle takes on another dimension when you get closer to the reef drop-off. Here, the seabed is exceptional: thick shoals of green chromes and sergeant majors move around the coral beds, while parrotfish, butterfly fish and Java spine foot, with spectacular colors, come and go on the reef drop-off. This spot is particularly rich in soft coral (sarcophyton, xenia, etc.). Several species of angelfish, including sixbar angelfish and royal angelfish, are easy to see. Try to find a sea anemone between the rocks: most of them contain ocellaris clownfish, better known to children as “Nemo”. In the deep blue of the reef drop-off, you may also have the chance to see a green sea turtle or hawksbill sea turtle, although they are shy. Don´t grab fast it!

Comment and suggestion:

  • It is recommended to book a snorkeling trip to Menjangan at least 48 hours in advance We recommend you to depart from the villa before 09.00. Early morning is a good time to see a calm wave. It takes 45-60 minutes by car from the villa to the harbor (crossing center). The boat trip to Menjangan island takes another 30 minutes.
  • Don’t forget to bring your sun cream
  • Don’t forget to bring your (underwater) camera. Make good memories here.

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6. Krisna Water Sport

Krisna Water Sport is the first water attractions in Singaraja. Various games are in the Krishna Water Sports such as Fly Fish, Fly Boards, Parasailing, Donut Boats, Banana Boats, Canoe and many kinds of other interesting games. In addition to Travel Games are also restaurants and bars such as stalls Subak Ubud branch and La Costa Singaraja bar. Enjoy the game arena Krishna Water Sports ATV on which the track is very interesting for beginners and proficient challenging Sambangan waterfall in the facade of Krisna Adventure.

Location                     : Jalan Seririt – Singaraja, Temukus, Banjar, Temukus, Buleleng, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152

Picture Source : Google